Thinai (foxtail millet) Moong dal Kichdi

My first ever post about millet. I was always finicky about trying millet and adding them into my daily food , until Someone recently told me that , Millets help in weight loss and are also easily digestible. The wrods “WeightLoss” attracted me :D.

Araichivitta Murungakai Sambar / Drumstick Sambar

This is a traditional sambar recipe that is prepared on the days of festivities. A lot of vegetable will go into making this sambar , but I have used only Drum Stick / Murungakai , it is rich in iron and Zinc. This is called as “Araichivitta” sambar because we freshly roast and grind the…

Sunday Funday

Sunday is one of those days where one would love to indulge in some good delectable dishes and also to rejuvenate one self , you might plan to make something special for your family. So here is a 3 dish meal plan along with mildly spiced chaanch or Buttermilk , that will help you relax and enjoy your Sunday. This entire series of meal plan will take about 1 hour to complete , I will guide you on how to go about this at the end of the post. Mildly spice potato stuffed Indian flat bread that is widely loved…

Goddu Sathumadhu(Rasam)

I always say “Goddu Sathumadhu is Good-u Sathumadhu” , a simple tomato rasam that has very small variation to the regular Thakali Sathumadhu / Tomato rasam. I fondly refer to this as Kollu-paati Sathumadhu , because my great grand mother used to prepare this very frequently (She was 90 yrs old!). Now I don’t know the etymology of this sathumadhu’s name , but I do know the ingredients and method of preparing this delectable dish . Take about 4 tbsps of toor dal and pressure cook it you can even microwave it or if you have cooked toor dal use…

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu (Lentil croquettes cooked in tangy tamarind sauce) , if the north of India is famous for its malai koftas and Govinda gaddes , then the south of India is famous for paruppu urndai kuzhambu . In kannada this is called as ‘unde hulli’ or ‘suthunde hulli’ . One thing is for sure we Indians love the concept of gravies with small roundels that is either cooked in tangy tamarind sauce or in onion-tomato based gravies. Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu has different variations to this , there is a chettinad style of making this which has onion and garlic…

Jeeragam Pudhina Mor / Cumin-Mint infused Buttermilk

Neer Mor or Buttermilk is a summertime beverage that is served in all Indian households. Each cuisine , each tradition , each and every state of India has its own variety of Buttermilk. In kannada its called as Majjige , in Hindi its either referred to as lassi or chaas , in Thamizh its called as Neer Mor. The one I’m posting about looks like plain buttermilk but it is infused with flavors of jeera , mint and coriander. It tastes amazing when served immediately after preparation , but if you serve it chill it just hmmm..mmm..mmmm…!!! This recipe is…

Rava Upma / Uppittu

Rava Upma , sounds so poetic. This was the first dish I learnt when I was in 9th standard. I’m a Upma expert at home and my mum being a masterchef , has given me this certification. I kinda make this for breakfast or for evening tiffin. This is very easy to make and that is why many people mess it u

Pannagam / Jaggery Based Sorbet

Pannagam is a jaggery based beverage that is spicy,tangy and sweet. It has a blast of flavors , best for digestion and is an excellent body coolant. It is a simple drink made using Jaggery , Pepper , Lime juice , Cardamom , Saffron and Ginger. The name itself suggests “Pannagam” , a drink with 5 ing

Manathakkalli Mendhi Kuzhambu Saadham

There cannot be a single Tambrahm who doesn’t  like Mendhi / Vendhaya Kuzhambu.There are various variations to Mendhi Kuzhambu/Vendhya kuzhambu and Manathakkalli(Dried Sun berries) is one such variation , its actually a herb that is used to cure mouth ulcers and problems related to digestive system.

Green Beans Malayala Kootu

Kootu is a type of south Indian stew that is common in almost all households. There are various types of kootu and the common ones being ;

Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda , a very famous tea time snack that is popular in karnataka that has its origin from Mysore. Me being a 1/4 Mysuruean (My mum is half Mysuruean) , this is quiet a common tea time snack in my household. When I was in school , my mum would make this every other…

2 ingredient Tomato jam

A few days ago I had made Tomato jam or Thakalli Pachadi and had written a brief post about it in instagram . So I thought of writing it as blog post too. Check below for my insta post.