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Now what is this “Thallipandrull“? What language is this?

In the Iyengar Jargon / Iyengar Thamizh , “Thalli” or “Thalligai” means cooked food that is offered to god. The place the food is cooked is called as “Thallipandrull” , i.e. “Thalligai pandra ull”  , over a period it got shortened and I have slightly played around with the spelling and called my blog as “Thallipandrool” , because every food that is cooked is drool-worthy. The ritual , where we offer the food to god is known as “Amsi”. Our terminologies for various dishes we prepare is different from other thamizh speaking folks. (Oh! Yeah , I say Thamizh and not Tamil).

For example , For “sambhar” we call it as “paruppu kuzhambu” , for “Rasam” we call it as “sathumadhu” and for “Kari” or “poriyal” we call it as “Karamadhu” and for “paysam” we call it as “Thirukannamadhu”.

The term “Thallipandrull” is a very rare term that is hardly  used these days in Iyengar households , colloquially people just refer it to as “kitchen”. In my house my mother still refers it to as “Thallipandrull”.

Now who is an Iyengar?

Well , Iyengars are south Indian tambrahms or Thamizh Brahmins like Iyers . We follow vaishnavism , followers of Lord Vishnu. We are spread over in the southern region with the max population being in ThamizhNadu. There are various types of Iyengars like Telugu Iyengar , Mysore Iyengar , Mandyam Iyengar , Hebbar Iyengar and Thamizh Iyengar. All are one it is only based on our topography we’ve been bifurcated. There are two sects in Iyengars : Vadagalai and Thengalai , I belong to the first sect “Vadagalai” .

My Motto :

Iyengar cuisine is famously known only for “puliyodharai” and “Akkaravadishal” , now I’m proud about these dishes , they are definitely patent worthy 😉

but our cuisine is something that is much more than just these two items.

I’d like to share to the world that we make some of the best dishes and our way of eating has been scientifically proven as the best , its simple , hassle-free and definitely healthy.

Now , I’m not a fanatic for Olive Oil and millets , so You will not be seeing any recipes based on these. I definitely will be concentrating on Iyengar cuisine , but I’ll also post recipes of other cuisines too.

My personal favorites are North Indian , South Indian Chettinad and Chinese cuisines.


About Me….hmmm!!

I was born and brought up in Bangalore , I’m a Tanjorean from my father’s side and a Mysorean from my mother’s side. I speak both Thamizh and Kannada “Together separately” :D.

My grand mum is my first inspiration for cooking , I was a fan of her “kootu” and “Sathumadhu” . She made one of the best “Pineapple Rava Kesari” , I’d eat it for breakfast-lunch-dinner , maybe that is why I’m fat ;).The recipes I post or I’ll be posting are her’s. Fortunately she has passed on her genes to my mum and me :D.

My mum is my best friend and also my mentor in cooking. She not only teaches me to cook , with it she teaches time management and resource management. She always tells me to concentrate while cooking and not to meddle with my phone , she says cooking is a type of meditation and I must inculcate this art. My mum is famous in making “mendhi-kuzhambu” and “Poricha kootu” , she also makes excellent “veg kolhapuri” , “Akki Roti” , “Chettinadu Appam” , “Yennai Kathrikaai” . I’ll definitely learn the recipes from her and post them.

Since my roots are connected to Tanjore , I like my  food a little spicy and I do not use jaggery in my day-to-day cooking. My dad is also an excellent cook and a very good “chopper” , hehehe!! 😀 yeah , he cuts the veggies at home for us , I’d definitely want my “Man” to know how to chop the veggies if not cooking ;).

I’m glad to have inherited my grandmum’s and my mum’s culinary skills . I started cooking at the age of 8. I’d help my mum in the kitchen with petty chores , that is how I started. The first dish I learnt to make was “Rava Upma” , I was in 9th standard when I learnt this. I can proudly say , I make the best “Rava Upma” or like we say in kannada “Uppittu”  🙂

Some of my specialties are :

1.Paruppu urundai kuzhambu (Lentil croquettes in tamarind sauce).

2.Thakali Sathumadhu (Tomato Rasam , my mum’s style)

3.Capsicum-Carrot Sambhar

4.Potato Roast

5.Chettinadu Thakali Kuzhambu

6.Poori Masala

7.Beetroot cutlets

8.Nargisi Koftha Curry

9.Veg Salna

10.Tomato Biriyani

11.Veg Biriyani.

My inspirations from the culinary world are :

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Damu

Chef Gautham Mehrishi

Chef Saransh Goila

Revathi Shanmugam

Nigella Lawson

Kylie Kwong

Food Bloggers who inspire me :

Veg Recipes of India by Dassana Amit

Manjula’s Kitchen by Manjula Jain

Subbu’s Kitchen by Subbulakshmi Renganathan and Sowmya

Vah Re Vah chef by Sanjay Thumma

Rak’s Kitchen by Rakshitha

Padhu’s Kitchen

Sailu’s Kitchen

and for chettinadu based recipes I follow Kannama Cooks.


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  1. Cherian Thomas says:

    This so fascinating. Never knew so much about Iyengar cooking. You should take on the mantle of chronicling everything. A fan!


  2. Anushaa Ashok says:

    Thanks 🙂


  3. Hi,
    We have gone through your blog/website and find many nice recipes on it. You are having amazing cooking skills and we appreciate your work and want to make it reach to the right people who love food and cooking. So, let us help you in becoming more famous. We will be very much happy to have you on our
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    Your contribution will mean a lot to us.

    Thanks in advance.
    Onfoodie Team


  4. Megala says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts!
    Thanks for sharing your family recipes..


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