Tomato Biryani (Chettinad Style)

Tomato Biryani / Tomato rice-baath

This is a chettinadu Style dish. I wouldn’t call it authentic , but it definitely has that pungent chettinad flavor to it. Very tasty and extremely healthy , this biryani cooks entirely on the juices of tomato.

For the past few months , due to rains and various economic activities , tomato rates were hitting rooftop, even restaurants were serving “Tomato Soup” without Tomato . now that it has come down to affordable rates , so I thought “Hey! why not we indulge in some tomato awesomeness..” , and voila here is my Mum’s version of Tomato Biryani.

Tomato Biryani / Tomato rice-baath


  • Cuisine: south indian
  • Style of Preparation: Chettinadu Style
  • Yield: 8 serving
  • Course or type: main course
  • Cooking Technique: Sautéing
  • Preparation Time: 5
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Cooking Time: 20


6 tomato
3 Onion
5 Green chillies
300 grams Raw Rice / Basmati rice
1 – 1/2 cups water
Mint leaves
handfull Green Peas
4 tbsps Oil
2 tbsps ghee
1 Bay leaf
1/2 inch cinnamon
3 cloves
3 cardamom
1 star anise
1 tbsp fennel
1/2 tsp Turmeric
1 tbsp Red chilly powder
2 tbsps Biryani Powder Masala
as required Salt


  1. Divide the 6 tomatoes into 3-3. Take the first 3 and grind it to a smooth paste (Without adding water) and cut the other 3 into julienne . Soak the rice in water.
  2. Take a kadaai or cooking pot . Keep it on medium heat , add oil and ghee to it.
  3. Add all the ingredients given under “Tempering” ans saute until aromatic.
  4. Add in green chillies and chopped onions.
  5. Saute this until onions turn translucent , now add the chopped tomatoes and saute.
  6. Now add all the powders and salt and mix. Saute in medium heat until tomatoes turn soft and it should leave oil in its sides.
  7. Now add the ground tomatoes , this will be equivalent to 2 cups.
  8. To this add the soaked rice and discard the water and mix. Add green peas.
  9. Add about 1 and a 1/2 cup of water to this. Close this with a lid and allow it to cook in medium heat for 15-17 minutes.
  10. After about 15 minutes open the lid and check if the rice is cooked. Using a fork mix the rice and garnish it with chopped mint leaves.
  11. Serve it hot and enjoy it with your favorite raitha.


1. If you are not comfortable cooking rice in a pot , after adding water you can transfer it to a vessel and cook it in an electric rice cooker.

2.You can also add potato to this. Take a medium sized potato , peel it and chop it into bite sized chunks. Deep fry it in oil and add it at the end. This gives crunch to the biryani.

3.After the biryani is cooked you can add some roasted cashews .


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