6 Tomato based specialties of South Indian cuisine.

Here is a short collection of tomato based south indian dishes from my blog.  Since ” ‘Tis the season of tomatoes ” hehehehe!!! ,  actually you get tomatoes through out  the year , but this time pices of tomatoes reached sky high and has now come down to first floor level of a building , I think I can safely post this short collection of Tomato based awesomesauce recipes 😀

Here are the dishes , click on the links below and they will take you to their respective recipe posts :

Tomato Khara Bath-An excellent Breakfast dish

Tomato Raitha – a side dish that can be eaten with any rice item or with chappathi.

Chettinad style Yennai Kathrikai – a south Indian delicacy that can be taken with plain rice or with chappathi.

Tomato Biryani – a wholesome meal that is cooked entirely in the juices of tomato.

Tomato Saathumadhu / Rasam – an excellent south Indian soup or it can also be mixed with plain rice that is cooked in tomato extract.

Mysore Saathumadhu / Rasam – another south Indian dish that has its origin from karnataka , but it does not have jaggery in it like the original recipe.


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