7 Saathumadhu / Rasam varieties that you must try


Here I’m going to present to you a small array of saathumadhu / rasam varieties that you must try. Saathumadhu / Rasam are nothing but south Indian version of a sorbet or soup. The difference between a rasam and a sorbet is that a sorbet or soup is served along with the food or before the food in order to prepare the appetite , but rasam is always served in between the meals in order to help in digestion of the food you eat.

Below is the list of Saathumadhu / Rasam varieties from my blog that you can try. Click the corresponding links and you’ll be navigated to the respective recipe post.

Thakkalli Saathumadhu / Tomato Rasam– Tomato rasam also known as Thakalli Sathumadhu in Iyengar thamizh and Thilli Saaru in kannada , is an integral part of south indian platter. A feast without sathumadhu or rasam is incomplete. It is generally served after sambhar rice and before curd rice. The rasam helps in digesting the food , hence it is served in between the meal.

Mysore Saathumadhu / Mysore Rasam – Mysore Saathumadhu is a different kind of preparation compared to the regular Tomato Saathumadhu. This is very famous in my mother’s side of the family , generally they make this saathumadhu on festival days or for weddings.

Kalyana Saathumadhu or Kalyana Rasam , is a variation to the regular rasam. It is called as Kalyana Rasam , because this type of preparation is served only in Tamilnadu style weddings.

Mochakai Saathumadhu / Avareykai Rasam

Ellumichai Saathumadhu / Lime rasam – You can make this rasam when you are in ration for tamarind or if you do not have enough rasam podi at home , because this does not require neither of it and is very simple to make .

Goddu Saathumadhu – a simple tomato rasam that has very small variation to the regular Thakali Sathumadhu / Tomato rasam.

Poondu Rasam / Garlic Rasam – This is a very mild version of the regular garlic rasam that is served in hotels. We at home like it only for the flavor. This can be taken with rice like a regular rasam or can be served as soup during cold winter season.

Garlic Rasam


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