Thamizh Puthaandu / Tamil New year recipes


Thamizh Puthaandu or Tamil new year is generally celebrated in mid-april according to the gregorian calendar. Tamil new year follows the vernal equinox which typically starts from march 22nd and the earth’s plane passes the centre of the sun on april 14th every year. Almost the entire Indian sub-continent follows the solar calendar.

We’ve been taught in schools that , all the planets revolve around the sun. And sun is biggest energy source. To reap the fruits of this sun is what celebrate as new year. It is only this mid april , may and june you’ll have fresh produce and all types of vegetables and fruits will be available. To celebrate the year’s fresh produce , just like how we celebrate Pongal for the season’s harvest , we celebrate the prosperity for the year.

The 60-year cycle is ancient and is observed by most traditional calendars of India and China, and is related to 5 revolutions of Jupiter, or to 60-year orbit of Nakshatras (stars) as described in the Surya Siddhanta.

The 60 year cycle comes by 5 revolutions of Jupiter and 2 revolutions of Saturn. The relative position of Jupiter and Saturn in one particular year will be repeated after 60 years. The 60 year cycle was essentially conceived for predicting the climate of a particular year, as the relative position of the two major planets, Jupiter and Saturn, is recognized for its impact on climate

In tamil calendar we have named each and every year , the coming year is called as ‘Dhurmukhi’ meaning “Face of a horse” , In hinduism , we represent Hayagreevar as god of education and honesty , his daughter’s name is “Dhurmukhi” , she is considered to be very pious , obedient and intelligent hence this year is named after her. I believe all those who have written their final exams can expect good results this year 🙂

For this new year , I’m going to be presenting 2 different types of meal plans for you to try.

A typical Iyengar styled festive luncheon consists of 3 main course items ,1 or 2 side dishes , 1 sweet dish , pickle , applam / vadaam and of course we love to end our feast with a simple curd rice or dhadhyonam. No feast is complete without curd rice for us. 😀

Please click on the names to navigate to their respective recipe posts.

First Meal Plan

In this meal plan I have added 3 main course dishes and no side dish because Aviyal in itslef consists of too many vegetables , hence it can go along with Appalam / Vadaams(Fried savouries) .



An amalgam of all the season’s vegetable cooked to perfection in cocnut paste and sour curd.

Parangikai Kuzhambu / Yellow pumpkin in tangy sauce

Parangikai Kuzhambu

Yellow pumpkin or yellow ash gourd also called as sevappu pooshanikai in tamil and is known as Kaddhu in hindi , is cooked in a spicy tangy concoction(Kuzhambu).

Mysore Saathumadhu / Mysore Rasam

Mysore rasam

A famous rasam preparation that has its origin in Mysore , karnataka. This is a regular tomato rasam with a coconut twist

Akkara-Adisil / Iyengar styled sweet pongal


In tamil Brahmins houses we make a sweet called “Akara-Adisil” it is something similar to a sweet pongal, but it is has the consistency of a payasam.

Orange Peel Thokku

Orange thokku

No special podis required , no need to dry the orange peels in the sun , just a simple recipe to use the orange peels.

Second meal plan

Poshanikaai Mor Kuzhambu / Ash-gourd in sour curd sauce

Pooshanikai Mor Kuzhambu

A southern style preparation of khadi using white kaddhu / pooshanikai.

Chayote or Chow-Chow Kootu

Chow-chow kootu

A spicy moong dal based dish that has the goodness of chayote / chow-chow in it.

Vegetable Paruppu-Araichu(paruppu usili)

Vegetable Paruppu-usili

An excellent accompaniment for mor kuzhambu is this simple preparation using veggies that are sauted with a spicy paste of soaked lentils.

South Indian style vaazhakai (raw banana) stir fry

Vaazhakai Karamadhu / poriyal

A south Indian style preparation using raw banana(the green colored ones) that goes very well with the above mentioned main course dishes.

Thakali Saathumadhu / Tomato Rasam

Thakali Saathumadhu / Rasam

A traditional preparation of south Indian style tomato rasam.

Thirattipaal / Kalakhand

Thirattipaal / Milk Halwa

Thirattipaal or milk based halwa that is prepared using sugar.

Maangai Pisisru / Raw Mango pickle

Raw mango pickle

A simple , quick raw mango pickle that goes very well with Mor saadham , i.e. , curd rice.

Manga Pachadi / Vella Pachadi

Manga Pachadi

A sweet jaggery based jam using raw mango.


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