Sunday Funday

Sunday is one of those days where one would love to indulge in some good delectable dishes and also to rejuvenate one self , you might plan to make something special for your family.

So here is a 3 dish meal plan along with mildly spiced chaanch or Buttermilk , that will help you relax and enjoy your Sunday.

This entire series of meal plan will take about 1 hour to complete , I will guide you on how to go about this at the end of the post.

Aloo Paratha- Main Course

Mildly spice potato stuffed Indian flat bread that is widely loved and glorified by everyone. One cannot resist the thought of not indulging in parathas. Serve these parathas with some yogurt or dahi and any pickle of your choice and Go Parathas!

Here is the recipe link 

Aloo Paratha

Chettinad Style Tomato Biryani – Main Course

Now who doesn’t love Biryani? Its a ritual in every Indian household to prepare Biryanis on sundays. This is a typical Tamilnadu style Biryani coming from the community of Chettiyars , hence it is known as Chettinad Style. A very simple dish that uses only tomato puree and other Indian spices to make this mouth watering dish.

Here is the recipe link

Tomato Biryan


Paneer Burji – Side Dish

I know , Aloo Paratha in itslef is a meal and I’ve also suggested that it be served along with some dahi and pickle , but what is a sunday without Paneer?! . If you are finicky about eating paneer along with such a heavy dish , then paneer burji is a must try dish. Its simple , dry and definitely very tasty. You will have the satisfaction of eating paneer and at the same time its makes you feel light.

Here is the recipe link


Jeeragam Pudhina Mor / Cumin-Mint Infused buttermilk

Now , after all the heavy food one might be thirsty and at the same time you should be able to digest all this. To help you in your digestion and also to quench your thirst , I present to you a mildly spiced chaanch or Buttermilk.

Here is the recipe link

Neer Mor / Buttermilk



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gita Madhu says:

    I’m inspired! I’ve not made aloo paratha in a long while. As for the tomato biryani, my mouth is watering! Congrats on the tasty recipes and pics!


  2. Anushaa Ashok says:

    Thanks 🙂


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