Mysore Bonda


Mysore Bonda , a very famous tea time snack that is popular in karnataka that has its origin from Mysore. Me being a 1/4 Mysuruean (My mum is half Mysuruean) , this is quiet a common tea time snack in my household. When I was in school , my mum would make this every other week . 


I wouldn’t consider this as a healthy snack , but its definitely a very easy preparation that requires only 2 flours. No soaking or Grinding required. Takes about 5 minutes to prepare , set this aside for about half hour and start frying it in hot oil.

Generally my mother would deep fry this like vadas , but I’m kinda finicky  about holding the batter in my hand and directly placing it on a hot oil. So if you are someone like me who is scared of deep frying bondas , the perfect workaround for it is to use “Kuzhi Panniyara Kal” or also called as “Appe kal”. Take very less oil to fry and you can ladle the batter into the hollows filled with oil and fry them.


  • Cuisine : South Indian
  • Course type : Snack
  • Prep time : 5 min
  • Yield : 21 pieces
  • Marination time : 30 min
  • Cooking time : 10 min


Cooking Oil For frying
Maida / All purpose flour 100 grams / 1 cup
Rice flour 30 grams
salt To taste
Sour curd (I used 15 days old curd) 1 cup / 120 ml
Green chillies 7
ginger ½ inch piece
Coconut pieces About a handful
Cooking soda 1 generous pinch
Coriander leaves Finely chopped
Cumin 1 tbsp


  1. Take a mixing bowl  and add everything one after the other mentioned under ingredients and mix them thoroughly. (Except oil)IMG_20170308_153545.jpg
  2. Add water only if it is necessary, that is , the batter should be in the consistency of a vada batter. If it is too thick then add little water and mix.IMG_20170308_153740.jpg
  3. Set this aside for about 30 min.
  4. Take a dry kuzhi panniyara kal or a heavy bottomed kadaai , add 1-2 tbsps of oil in each hollow. Keep it on medium heat. If using kadaai , then add oil about an Inch deep .
  5. Whisk the batter again , so that it gets good aeration.
  6. Once the oil is heated up , spoon in the batter into the hollows carefully. Use a round head spatula to spoon in the batter.IMG_20170308_175550.jpg
  7. Let it fry on one side and after about a minute , flip it around using a fork or knife.IMG_20170308_175808.jpg
  8. Once both the sides are thoroughly fried , take it out and keep it on an absorbent paper.
  9. Serve this hot with chutney or ketchup along with a nice cup of Chaai.



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