Paal Aval / Milk Poha

Poha or Aval or Avalakki or Flattened Rice flakes , is the most versatile ingredient in Indian Cuisine. According to me it comes second to Aloo or potato. We use this wonder ingredient in 70% of our dishes.

Thinai (foxtail millet) Moong dal Kichdi

My first ever post about millet. I was always finicky about trying millet and adding them into my daily food , until Someone recently told me that , Millets help in weight loss and are also easily digestible. The wrods “WeightLoss” attracted me :D.

Rava Pongal

Rava Pongal or a Semolina based savory dish that is a variant to the regular┬áVenn Pongal. This can be served for breakfast or for dinner. Rava Pongal is typically served during the festivals or on “Vrat ki poojas”.

Chow-Chow Baath

Chow-Chow Baath , is a combination of Ravai Kichadi or Kaara Baath and Ravai Kesari or Kesari Baath . There are many variations to Ravai Kesari and this depends from hotel – to – hotel. Some hotels offer pineapple kesari and some Plain kesari. The simple concept of this combo breakfast is : “Swalpa seehi swalpa Kaara” , i.e , little bit of sweet and little bit of spice , is what makes this great combo very delectable. This is Bengaluru’s favorite breakfast and evening tiffin item. Every food joint in Bengaluru offers this dish. The method to eat this…

Vegetable Sevai / Vegetable Shaavigey Baath

Vegetable Sevai , a very simple and easy breakfast or tiffin item also a very common one in my house. The simplicity of this dish makes it very delectable and loved by all age groups. This is a recipe which I read from a cook book name “Iyengar Samayal” , which is in Thamizh , actually they had mentione this for “Vegetable Pulao” , but I changed it to make a Vegetable Sevai. Take a kadaai or wok , on high heat add 4 cups of water ( 1 cup = 200 ml). Add a tsp of sesame seed oil…

Aloo Paratha

Every South Indian has a dream to make the perfectly plied parathas , especially Aloo Paratha . I’m one of those day dreamers who , after ‘n’ no.of attempts have finally mastered the recipe and methodology for making aloo parathas that does not tear open while plying or has very less stuffing. Some how after watching a gazillion youtube videos I have found out a way that is easy and tasty to make the perfect aloo parathas. I usually like Aloo parathas only with curd , but when I made this I had it with ‘Avakaai’ Pickle. The taste was…