Thinai (foxtail millet) Moong dal Kichdi

My first ever post about millet. I was always finicky about trying millet and adding them into my daily food , until Someone recently told me that , Millets help in weight loss and are also easily digestible. The wrods “WeightLoss” attracted me :D.

Mixed Vegetable Sabji (Dry)

Mixed Vegetable Sabji , a versatile side dish that goes along with rice or phulkas or Rotis. This dish took me about 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook overall the cooking period for this dish is 15-20 minutes max. This yields about 5-6 servings. This dish does not have any specific set…

Sunday Funday

Sunday is one of those days where one would love to indulge in some good delectable dishes and also to rejuvenate one self , you might plan to make something special for your family. So here is a 3 dish meal plan along with mildly spiced chaanch or Buttermilk , that will help you relax and enjoy your Sunday. This entire series of meal plan will take about 1 hour to complete , I will guide you on how to go about this at the end of the post. Mildly spice potato stuffed Indian flat bread that is widely loved…

Onion Peas Pulao

Onion Peas pulao , a favorite dish of mine , which my mother used to prepare quiet often

Vegetable Makhanwala

Vegetable Makhanwala , a very famous restaurant dish which many families prefer to try instead of the usual kadaai vegetable or vegetable khorma. I certainly don’t know the origin of this dish , I’m assuming it to be a mughalai dish because of the excessive use of ghee , malai or curd and cashew paste. Recipe wise I’d recommend this to be tried out by people who are familiar with cooking. A little bit tedious but its definitely worth the hardship.

Aloo Paratha

Every South Indian has a dream to make the perfectly plied parathas , especially Aloo Paratha . I’m one of those day dreamers who , after ‘n’ no.of attempts have finally mastered the recipe and methodology for making aloo parathas that does not tear open while plying or has very less stuffing. Some how after watching a gazillion youtube videos I have found out a way that is easy and tasty to make the perfect aloo parathas. I usually like Aloo parathas only with curd , but when I made this I had it with ‘Avakaai’ Pickle. The taste was…