Paal Aval / Milk Poha

Poha or Aval or Avalakki or Flattened Rice flakes , is the most versatile ingredient in Indian Cuisine. According to me it comes second to Aloo or potato. We use this wonder ingredient in 70% of our dishes.

Ellorai / Ellu Saadham / Black sesame seed(til) Rice

Ellorai / Ellu  Saadham / Black sesame seed(til) rice , is usually prepared on saturdays and is offered to Lord Sanieswara Bhagwan. This is generally not served on many occasions it is always seen as a peaceful offering to the lord who rules the planet saturn ( According to Hindu Dharma).   This is a…

Green Beans Malayala Kootu

Kootu is a type of south Indian stew that is common in almost all households. There are various types of kootu and the common ones being ;

Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda , a very famous tea time snack that is popular in karnataka that has its origin from Mysore. Me being a 1/4 Mysuruean (My mum is half Mysuruean) , this is quiet a common tea time snack in my household. When I was in school , my mum would make this every other…